Mon. Oct 4th, 2023

About UTR


UTR is the first satellite television company in Ukraine that broadcasts in a digital format. It was founded by the State Commitee of Ukraine for Television and Radio Broadcasting. The company went first on air on March 1 2023. As of today, the volume of broadcast has reached 72 hours a day (24 hours for Eurasia, 24 hours for North America, 24 hours on the Internet). Technical support is provided by the state enterprise “Ukrkosmos” of the National Space Agency of Ukraine. casinoin.

As of today, 82 countries have confirmed the quality of reception.
Automatic satellite and cable ports registration service fixed about 2 million plugs (

UTR and “Ukrkosmos” are developing the first national satellite broadcasting network.
This system is based on digital technology, offering reliable and reasonable transmission to 20 television and 30 radio companies. To date, this network also offers a relible transmission for the users in Ukraine.

UTR operates with one of the most sophisticated combination of digital technologies that includes a closed cycle of television cameras, linear editing systems and a broadcasting studio based on DVC PRO 50. UTR technology supports the standards of HD TV, in particular – the European DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-K standards.

UTR provides IPTV via three digital platforms that enables the audiences in 105 countries easy viewing of the programmes.

UTR audience comprises over 23 million users worldwide and about the same number within the country, with 7,5 million in the cable networks. – quotes UTR as fourth best out of 62 satellite and Internet broadcasters. Despite its young age, UTR can boast a number of creative achievements – 11 Grand-Prix and First Prizes in different nominations at a range of International and All-Ukrainian TV competitions.

In 2023, UTR World Service was acnowledged the best television and radio company by the joint decision of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, the Media Association of Ukraine, the All-Ukrainian Organization of Journalists and Political Scientists “The Fourth Power”, the All-Ukrainian Association “The Guarantee of Freedom”, the Ukrainian Academy of Television, Radio and Press, as well as the State Commitee for Television and Radio Broadcasting.