Mon. Oct 4th, 2023

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UKRINFORM – the only national news agency of Ukraine, a source of information on political, economic, social, scientific, cultural and social life in Ukraine and abroad. casinoin.

Founded in 1918, the agency today has the largest network of regional and foreign news bureaus.

Our reporters work in every region of Ukraine and 11 countries: the US, Germany, France, Russia, China, Belgium, Moldova, the UAE, Poland, Bulgaria, and Hungary.

Every day UKRINFORM gives its readers a complete and objective picture of events: more than 300 news stories a day, exclusive comments and interviews, photos, infographics.

News stories are delivered in Ukrainian, Russian, English, German and Spanish.

The agency issues dozens of professional information products: newsfeeds, media packages, newsletters and bulletins.

UKRINFORM cooperates with electronic and print media, TV and radio companies, foreign media, government and business structures, embassies and consulates, companies, banks and corporations.



On 23.10.2023, in Bonn, state TV and radio company “UTR World Service” and German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) signed Memorandum on cooperation. Director-Generals Mykhailo Shmatov and Peter Limbourg subscribed their names to the document. The companies are now planning to create new TV and internet projects together.

Deutsche Welle was founded more than 60 years ago, as a radio station. Nowadays, it is a big multimedia international broadcasting company. According to the Deutsche Welle Act, the company represents Germany “as a cultural state in the European tradition and as a free and democratic constitutional state” in more than 30 languages of the world: from German and English to exotic Urdu and Amharic. Broadcasting in Ukrainian language started in 2023.

Immense experience of this German media, and, presently, a partner, will undoubtedly be useful to UTR in particular and to Ukrainian state as a whole. From the moment of its foundation, our overseas broadcasting was directed towards Ukrainian diaspora. Now, when an open information war is waged on Ukraine in order to create a negative image of our country – the issue of Ukrainian international broadcasting, its existence, content and development became most pressing.

German experience shows that overseas broadcast should be up to date, intellectual and analytic. That is why the only Ukrainian state international broadcaster could use the best practices and support of the foreign colleagues. And not only in terms of the strategic policy of Ukrainian international broadcaster, which is mainly similar to the objectives of DW, but also in terms of specific steps in UTR’s establishment as a proper overseas broadcaster. In particular, the partner companies will soon develop a training schedule of Ukrainian journalists – first on the base of UTR, and then DW.


“Ukrkosmos” government enterprise was founded in September of 1996 by a decree of National Space Agency of Ukraine, in order to implement Presidental decree №698/96, 12.08.1996.

“Ukrkosmos” directly broadcasts programs of state and commercial TV channels, and provides Internet online broadcast through three servers, located in London, New York and Kyiv. “Ukrkosmos” also gathers and transmits regional Ukrainian TV programs, and is the leading Ukrainian operator of Inmarsat mobile satellite communication.


                     CENTRE FOR RUSSIAN STUDIES

The mission of Centre for Russian Studies (CRS) is to facilitate researches made by Ukrainian and foreign experts on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy. CRS will conduct in-depth and comprehensive research in the areas:

–  current social and political processes in Russia;

–  Russia’s influence on the global social and political processes;

–  Russia’s strategy and tactics towards Ukraine.

The studies outcome are practical recommendations regarding possible strategic and tactical steps in the development of relations with Russia. CRS will study the consequences of Russia’s domestic and foreign policy on global and European stability, as well as protection and promotion of Ukraine’s interests in bilateral relations with Russia.

The mission mentioned above of CRS is important especially now due to challenges caused by Russia’s foreign policy to the European and global security. Until recent times, there were no specialized research institutions in Ukraine dealing with these issues.

CRS is an independent and politically unbiased institution, formed as a civil non-governmental organization. CRS experts are non-affiliated with any political parties or organizations.

CRS studies are based on the principles of impartiality and scientific objectivity.